Become a Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS) & Certified QDRO Analyst (CQA)

Set Yourself Apart While Limiting Exposure To Dangerous Levels of Liability

The American Association of Certified QDRO Professionals (AACQP™) is the premiere organization in the development of QDRO theory, planning, preparation, and development.

Established to create a standardization of QDRO principals and instill ethical considerations in the preparation and development of QDROs, AACQP ensures the public and legal field that those who hold a CQS or CQA designation are the most knowledgeable in the QDRO profession.

Assurance for Your Clients, Protection for Yourself

Securing a sound QDRO for clients is of paramount significance, yet the vast majority of family law professionals are unaware of what this process entails. A lack of familiarity with QDROs can, and will, expose family law professionals to a dangerous level of liability. AACPQ offers two designations of benefit to professionals when working in the arena of family law, including:

  • Family Law Attorneys & Paralegals
  • Divorce & Financial Planners
  • Benefits & Human Resource Professionals
  • Certified Public Accountants

The American Association of QDRO Professionals attracts applicants seeking to differentiate themselves in their chosen profession through an intensive specialized course. Applicants will have the opportunity to earn the reputable designation of Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS) or Certified QDRO Analyst (CQA).

Choose from Two Distinguished Designations

Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS)

The CQS designation places emphasis on the general principals affecting the distribution and transfer of retirement plan assets pursuant to a divorce. The CQS is based on practical but general applications of QDROs with a minimal amount of mathematics or financial calculations. CQS Module Overview:

  • Principals of Retirement Plans in Divorce
  • Introduction to QDROs
  • Effectively Drafting a QDRO & Similar Orders
  • Dividing and Evaluating Military & Federal Retirement Benefits in Divorce
  • Establishing a QDRO Business and/or Enhancing Revenues
  • Enhancing the role of Benefits Specialist & HR Professionals

Certified QDRO Analyst (CQA)

The CQA™  receives the same training and knowledge of a CQS, but must undertake additional coursework related to financial and economic analysis to aid the court, attorneys, and the parties in the value of QDROs and/or retirement plan benefits, QDRO options, or the monetary alternatives to, and impact of, a QDRO. CQA Module Overview:

  • Advanced Principals of Retirement Plans including Valuation Issues
  • Advanced QDRO Issues & Monetary Value of QDRO Language
  • Advanced Topics in Federal & Military Orders

The Only Designations that Confer Specialized Understanding of QDROs

The AACQP™ ensures that individuals who earn CQS™ and CQA™ designations are held to the highest professional and ethical standards in his or her pursuit of becoming a QDRO virtuoso. Visit our website for more information.

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