Examination Scoring and Reporting

Candidates will receive a notification immediately upon completing the exam as whether or not they passed the exam, as it applies to each module.  An email confirmation of the score will also be emailed only to the candidate.  The candidate will have the opportunity to review incorrect responses in addition to retaking the exam should they not receive a passing grade.   Retaking an exam, beyond the alotted two (2) attempts, will result in an additional fee.

Upon passing all four exams for the CQS designation, three exams for the CQA designation, the candidate will receive a Certificate of Completion of the course which will confer upon them either the CQS designation or CQA designation.  The certificate may take up to 6 weeks to receive.

Each module requires that the candidate achieved a passing score of 70%.  Each exam is an open book exam and not performed in an isolated environment.  As there is a time limit of 90 minutes it is not advisable to rely solely on the book or other resources referred to.  Each module will have at least 70 questions, multiple choice and taken online once the tuition fee has been paid.  Each question answered incorrectly will have an explanation for the incorrect answer and therefore it is imperative that the candidate keep track of those questions on the exam deemed incorrect.  

Retaking an Exam

If a candidate is unable to pass the exam for any reason, the Administration Committee allows candidates to re-take the exam once every ninety (90) days.  To apply for a CQS Certification Re-Take, the candidate must navigate to the Purchase Materials Tab and purchase “CQS Exam Re-Take.”  Once the transaction has been processed the Testing Portal will allow the candidate two additional attempts.

If a candidate fails to complete an exam, they may submit an appeal to AACQP™ Certification Board by mailing a physical correspondence describing the event that prevented a completion of an exam and/or failure, providing relevant materials to state your claim.  The AACQP™ Certification Board will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis and notify the Appellant as to the Board’s decisions.  Reasons to appeal a failed examination may include but are not limited to:

  1. A medical emergency;
  2. A natural disaster;
  3. or an issue with AACQP’s Testing Portal.

Continuing Education

An online exam is given once per year and at present the fee is included in the annual fee required for membership in the American Association for Certified QDRO Professionals.

Questions related to Course Materials or AACQP™ membership can be directed to inquiry@AACQP.org or by writing directly to AACQP™, 1629 K Street, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20006.


A refund may be made in very specific circumstances that render a refund by AACQP™ necessary.  For more information, please contact AACQP™ Certification Board directly.

Complaints & Discipline

Complaints agains any AACQP™ member, or CQS™/CQA™ professional, is taken seriously.  Each certified QDRO professional is held to the highest degree of professionalism.  Any wrongful act related to the preparation of QDROs, or misguidance in a consulting role, is reviewed by the AACQP™ Board.  Any misconduct places at risk the AACQP™ member ship and the potential of revocation and/or suspension of the designation the member holds.  All complaints or information related to any misconduct can be directed to the AACQP™ Board.