Certification Requirements

Eligible candidates include any individual who registers with AACQP.org, however, it is preferable for candidates to have achieved three (3) or more years of legal/human resources/financial experience, or a bachelor’s degree relevant to the certification.  Certain exceptions may be made for anyone that is a paralegal and/or attorney, or for those who holds one, or more of the following certifications or :  

·      Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

·      Investment Advisors (Series 65)

·      Certified Financial Planner

·      Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

·      Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

·      Certified Paralegals

Maintaining your certification is of utmost importance.  An annual membership fee is required to maintain your status as a Certified QDRO Specialist as well as proof of continuing education credits is necessary.  A short course offered by AACQP will be required and available online or the CQS member may provide a Professional QDRO Unit (PQU).  A PQU is a project or case the candidate has worked on during the course of the professional capacity that best illustrates their professionalism, and ethical responsibility, in preparing QDROs.  If a PQU is proffered, letters to the attorney(s), personal information redacted, page from settlement agreement, and the QDRO or draft of similar order included.  The PQU will be evaluated for quality and workmanship, and may or may not be deemed acceptable.