AACQP will be adding a number of resources, in addition to the already existing list, to aid the candidate and future members in their goal to become the premier QDRO experts. Resources such as newslterrs, articles of interest, books & publication references. AACQP always welcomes feed back from readers and candidates on expanding a knowledge base to which to draw upon.

General QDRO information

Valuable insight into how the Department of Labor views QDROs.  
U.S. Department of Labor Employee benefits Security Administration
Internal Revenue Service
Retirement Benefits & QDROs in Divorce, 2nd Edition, published 2017, $225, 
E-reader (nook) Barnes & Noble $99

QDROs issued after the death of a plan participant

Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce

Handbook for Attorneys on Court-ordered Retirement, Health Benefits and Life Insurance Under the 
Civil Service Retirement Benefits
Federal Employees Retirement Benefits
Federal Employees Health Benefits
Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Program
Publication RI 38-116, United States Office of Personnel Management
Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce – Strategies & Issues, published 2016, $59.95
E-reader $24.95

Division of Military Retired Pay

Legislation on the division of Military Retired Pay –