Module 2 (CQS II) – Effectively Preparing QDROs and Like Orders

Module 2 (CQS II) – Effectively Preparing QDROs and Like Orders


Introduction to QDROs in Divorce

CQS II draws attention to the basics of preparing most QDROs within the private sector.

Following is an outline of the topics covered:

Introduction to QDROs & Related Court Orders


QDRO Requirements & Special Terms

Beginning a Draft QDRO

Must a Plan Provide QDRO Guidelines?

Information Needed to Prepare a Basic QDRO

QDRO Process

Timing of QDROs & Posthumous QDROs

Types of QDROs & Benefit Division Methods

Types of QDROs – Separate vs. Shared Interest QDROs

Benefit & Payment Options Under a Defined Benefit Plan

Implementing a QDRO – 8 Simple Steps

Top 10 Reasons Plans Will Reject a QDRO

Basic Defined Contribution Plan QDROs

Differences in 401(k)s, Profit Sharing Plans, & ESOPs

Valuation Dates

Earnings, Gains and/or Losses

Impact of Loans & Loan Language

Timing of Distributions

Preparing your Defined Contribution Plan QDRO

QDROs for IRAs

Basic Defined Benefit Plan QDROs

Traditional Defined Benefit Pension Plan vs. Cash Balance Plan

Types of Awards

Separate vs. Shared Interest

Accounting for Contingencies, disability, death of either party

Cost of Living Adjustments

Preparing Your Defined Benefit Plan QDRO

Third Party QDRO Administrators


Hewitt Orders

Fidelity QDROs


PBGC QDROs          

Purpose of the PBGC

PBGC Defined Benefit QDRO

Using QDROs to Collateralize Debt 

Security vs. Risk

Expanding on Child Support & Child Support Arrearages

Reserving Jurisdiction for Entry of a QDRO

Entry of a QDRO prior to divorce

Suggested Settlement Agreement Language

For Defined Benefit Plans (Pensions)

For Defined Contribution Plans

For Federal Retirement Systems

For Military Retired Pay

QDRO Liability Issues

Entry of the QDRO

Survivor Benefits

Gains & Losses/Valuation Date

Use of Model QDROs

Sample QDROs

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