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Web-Based Modules

Purchase Seperately

The first end of module test fee for each module is included in the module fee.  Subsequent retakes of the end of module exam is charged separately.  The Final Certification Exam Fee, and any subsequent retake certification exams, is an additional charge.  Modules and exams are subject to a 5.75% sales tax in addition to the fee itself.

Annual Membership

To join the American Association of Certified QDRO Professionals, it is not necessary to have completed the certification process. Members that have completed the course pay a lower annual fee ($125) than affiliated members ($225), however, both are entitled to the same benefits, which includes updates/newsletters, resources, and periodic consultation on specific issues.

Refund Policy

Any candidate not completely satisfied with an online module can request a full refund within 30 days of their initial purchase under the condition they have not attempted an exam. Those candidates electing a paper or bound copies of individual modules are subject to a partial refund upon return of the materials purchased. Please contact customer service for questions related to CQS Refund Policy toll-fee 1-888-275-8648.

Continuing Education

A Certified QDRO Specialist is required to obtain 15 continuing education credits each year. Attorneys licensed to practice law are exempt from CQS continuing education credits if sufficient continuing legal education credits are provided to AACQP. The same holds true for CPA, CFPs, and CDFAs if sufficient documentation is provided at year-end. For those that are not attorneys nor can provide evidence of earnings credits under the aforementioned professional designations, you must register to complete a 15 credit course through AACQP every two years.