Web Based Online Modules 1-4 – Reduced Fee




The first end of module test fee for each module is included in the module fee. Subsequent retakes of the end of module exam is charged separately. The Final Certification Exam Fee, and any subsequent retake certification exams, is an additional charge. Modules and exams are subject to a 5.75% sales tax in addition to the fee itself.If the candidate does not pass the first end of module exam with a score of 70% or better, the Module Exam will have to be retaken with a Retake Fee of $20

To be become a Certified QDRO Specialist the candidate must pass the final exam with a score of 70% or better. The cost to take the final exam is less expensive if the final exam is taken online. If your company or industry requires the exam to be proctored AACQP utilizes the services of SMT/ISO Quality Testing, Inc. (IQT) with locations around the U.S. CQS Online Final Certification Exam (non-proctored) $242, Proctored Final Certification Exam $290. Retake fee for online exam is $75 and for Proctored retake exam fee is $140. Certification is not granted based on the purchase of only the final exam.

Annual Membership to AACQP: To join the American Association of Certified QDRO Professionals, it is not necessary to have completed the certification process. Members that have completed the course pay a lower annual fee ($125) than affiliated members ($225), however, both are entitled to the same benefits, which includes updates/newsletters, resources, and periodic consultation on specific issues.



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